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4 healthy snacks to kill evening hunger pangs

You’re working and the clock is just about to hit 6 and you start feeling like eating something. As soon as the clock hits 6 you’re famished all of a sudden and now you really have to eat something.

Don’t worry, it’s not just you. We all have been there. These are called evening hunger pangs and everybody gets them. You’re not alone.

But the problem with these evening hunger pangs is a little troublesome. You see most people end up eating junk and high calorie snacks which, obviously, end up sabotaging their fitness and body shape.

So today we are going to share 4 healthy snack options which are definitely healthy, low calorie and yet fulfilling, killing your cravings.

The variety in these 4 options is not going to be random. They are definitely going to be of different types and categorized as follows:

  1. Home-made snack
  2. Ready-to-cook packed snack
  3. Outdoor snacks
  4. Ready-to-eat packed snacks
  1. Home-Made Snack – Healthy HomeMade Desi Quesadilla

    As the name says, our first option on the list is going to be a healthy homemade Desi Quesadilla. All you need is leftover rotis, some paneer and that’s it. You can add some cheese but it will increase the calories, so it is totally optional.

    Now after collecting the mentioned ingredients, all you need to do is make a quick paneer bhurji.

    Chop some onions, tomatoes, and chilies. Stir them in a preheated oven in little oil and add your favorite spices and at last add paneer when the masala is ready. Take a spatula and start mincing the paneer while it cooks. Your quick paneer bhurji is ready.

    From here, literally, nothing is left. All you need to do is cut the rotis into half, fill that nice paneer bhurji into it, and gently fold. Glisten the outer side of the rotis with a little butter and cook in the oven at medium heat.
    Your evening-craving killer healthy snack is ready.

2. Ready-to-cook packed snack – Ready-made soups

If you are not a fan of cooking yourself a homemade snack and want to make something that takes very little time to cook then ready-to-cook packed snacks are your best bet. But there’s one catch you see, these packed snacks that are ready-to-cook (for eg: Instant Noodles) are crazily high in calories and they are not fulfilling at all. Which makes you want to have even more because they don’t satiate your hunger, instead they trigger your tastebuds to have more.

Which is not what you need, especially as an evening snack.

So the better filling and low calorie option is ready-made soups. These soups are literally very easy to cook. All you need to do is simply boil some water, empty the contents of the soup packet into it, stir & mix. That’s it.

You might as well check out our soups as well. There are plenty of flavors to choose from and our soups are really low in calories. Try our Tomato Soup, Sweet Corn Soup, Hot n Sour Soup.

I personally like Hot & Sour soup. Hot & Sour soup packets are a staple in my grocery list. Whenever I have a hectic day at work, I need something to eat to make myself happy. So I turn to my kitchen shelf, take out one Hot & Sour soup packet and it satiates my cravings and stops me from getting hangry.

3. Outdoor Snacks: Now we have one homemade evening snack and one easy-to-cook evening. But what if you’re out somewhere and you crave something to eat but don’t want to eat junk.

This one was actually a tough one because it is very difficult to find something healthy when you’re out. You move around and everything you see in the food stalls is things getting deep/stir-fried, or bathed in mayonnaise and cheese, not to mention the presence of maida in almost every single food item. 

So keeping that in mind we have found some options you can use as evening snacks to kill those hunger pangs.
These are: 

  1. Boiled Eggs (If you can eat them)
  2. Fruit Chaat
  3. Bananas

All these snacks are healthy and especially not high in calories. So you can have them and satiate your cravings with a peace of mind.

4. Ready-to-eat packed snacks – Sattviko and Nutri Munchy Products

We all know how unhealthy and fattening the packed snacks are. Sure, we wouldn’t disagree that they are hard to resist. They have made us accustomed to their taste since most of us have been children.

But we’re not children anymore. We have to take care of our health and snack responsibly. Luckily Sattviko came around with a very nice range of satvik products. They gave a tasty twist to the healthy Indian foods while still keeping the health benefits of the product intact.

I personally like their Peri-Peri Makhanas because I have a sweet spot for spicy food.

Apart from them, there are a lot of other packed snacks as well in the market that is made from healthy ingredients and baked instead of frying.

One good example here would be Nutri Munchy. They make chips from Quinoa and Veggies and they bake them instead of frying. And yes the taste is mind-bogglingly awesome.

So there you have it. Here are 4 snack options for you to steer clear your way out of evening hunger pangs and treat your tastebuds. Happy Evening Snacking!

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