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How to eat soup?

Soup dining etiquettes

We all just love slurping on soups, right? Just boil your favorite readymade tomato soup or order a pre-cooked tomato soup, pour into a cuppa, and simply souuup on it. The best comfort food you could ever ask for, right?

But what if you were to have the most comfort food in a not-so-comfortable setting (which obviously is not on your couch at home).

Yes, we’re talking about situations when you’re having soup in a corporate setting. You are out on a corporate dinner with a client or worse, your bosses. Even worse, you order soup. And everything’s going well until you blow off the steam to cool down your sip. You will enjoy that hearty sip but your dinner would be a disaster.

And sure, it’s not practical to assume that people will judge your worthiness based on dining etiquette but you’re in a situation where you’re trying to make an impression and show that you’re perfect. And you don’t want to ruin it!

So let’s learn some soup dining etiquette for a perfect sophisticated supper.

You don’t drink soup, you eat it!

At some point in our grasping of the English language, the verb “to drink” got attached to “soup,” and we’ve been drinking soup ever since.

But always remember! You eat soup and never drink it.

It is said primarily because when we dine out for a soup it is thick and we are having it as food. So that’s why we EAT soup and don’t DRINK it.

Never Blow Off the Steam!

Okay, it is acceptable that you’re hungry and the soup looks appetizing. But never do the thing that kids do. Blowing off the steam to cool down your soup.

Wait for it to cool down itself to a consumable temperature. This little detail will save you from a ton of embarrassment.

Why? Well, this is the most important etiquette that is deemed as “acceptable behavior” while eating soup in a social setting and we Indians tend to breach this one the most.

A Weird fact: We blow to cool hot things as well as to warm them.

Hold your spoon right!

This is another etiquette that most of us don’t even know about let alone follow.

So here it is.

Whenever you start EATING your soup. Make sure that you fill your spoon from its sides and not from the front of the spoon that we are used to. Also, your spoon sh0uld slide in from your end of the table and come out from the other end (the person sitting in front of you). These two tips reduce the chances of spillage while your soup is on its way to your mouth.

Bonus Tip: Always fill your spoon by 3/4th. Never fill it completely or else you’ll ruin your nice clothes.

The right way to eat bread with soup.

Restaurants also serve those fancy breadsticks along with the soup. So you have to be careful about eating the bread also.

Never go in with the desi Indian style of dunking bread in the soup (same as we fondly love eating our cookies soaked in our Tea).

Butter is also served right along with the bread. And one might think it is okay to pick a piece out of bread, dunk it in butter and then dunk it in the soup.

That is also wrong.

Soup eating dining etiquettes say that you should always slick off some butter on the side of your plate with the help of your knife. And with the same knife, put some butter on a piece of bread and eat. No Dunking!

Empty the bowl, the right way!

Now you’re almost done eating your soup and you have reached the bottom of it. The part where there are the tasty heavenly sips that we all love.

Okay. This step is too crucial to not screw because you have been following the right dining etiquettes all along and all of a sudden you wouldn’t want to grab the bowl and start eating from it. What will be the purpose of following the purpose of aforesaid dining etiquettes?

You are still supposed to stick to your spoon.

But you might be thinking how you would have that last bit where all the flavor is. Don’t worry we are not going to tell you to be all classy and leave that last bit. No! You never want to do that. It shows that you are okay with wasting food, doesn’t matter if it is in the tiniest quantity.

Instead, all you have to do is tilt your bowl a little outward (yes outward and not inward to your side) and eat the rest of what’s remaining in your bowl. That’s it these are the soup dining etiquettes that you need to follow to make a nice impression. Grab your favourite ready-made soup or order your favourite pre-cooked soup and start practicing.

These dining etiquettes might seem too much. And we don’t deny it. These literally are too much of sophistication forced right into having a meal that one just wants to simply enjoy.

But these little things are the ones that make us stand out in social situations or events, after all we humans are also social beings.

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