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My Secret Veggie Soup Tomato

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PURE SECRET VEGGIE SOUP TOMATO is a combination of best quality tomatoes, herbs, and spices with a delicious aroma, delightful taste and the perfect consistency. This soup ready in just 2 minutes with three easy steps and serves four. So now get ready to enjoy lip-smacking restaurant style delicious tomato soup at your home.


Food is related to love, love can make food delicious so select our ingredients with love to give you a delicious meal. Soup does everything, which a nutritional food is supposed to do i.e. it can warmer heart, cure from colds and give smoothness to soul. GOODDOT SPICES soup is made from high quality dehydrated tomatoes with spices to make it very delicious. It is a pure vegetarian tomato soup with very low fat concentration. It is all natural product without any artificial flavour and colour. It is a very healthy product, prevent from many cardiovascular disorders and act as anti-inflammatory. It act as antioxidant because it is a major source of lycopene. It is rich in vitamin C, folate, potassium and vitamin K. It doesn’t contain any food preservative and prepare with purely vegetarian and vegan process. It is very simple to prepare.

1 review for My Secret Veggie Soup Tomato

  1. dev

    awesome I love tomato soup it’s very delicious in taste

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