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Top 5 foods popular in India due America

If we take a look back at the last 20 years. American culture has made a huge impact on us Indians. And there is a whole lot in terms of “evidence” as you take a look around at your friend circle. All the people who are in their teens, twenties, and even thirties are talking about American TV shows and movies like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Breaking Bad, superhero movies by Marvel & DC and you can bet that there are a lot more other shows & movies that they must have watched. 

And we Indians did it in search of better content and to improve our grasp on the language the shows and movies were in. English!

The outcome. We certainly did improve our dialect in English. It also changed the way we talk to people. It made this generation a lot more practical. But along the process, we were also exposed to a multitude of things like American humor, American values, and of course their food.

And that is where we started to develop a liking for these 5 foods that are consumed in America.

Let’s talk about these 5 foods then:



Cheese: Cheese has to be on top of the list. We saw a lot of cheese on screens. But it was more of they made cheese look tempting. We’d love to see pizzas, cheese oozing burgers, pasta, lasagnas, etc. We saw these foods and we would want to have them.

Jump to the present day and cheese is just as popular here in India as it is in India. We love pizzas, burgers, and lasagna because of cheese, so much so, that we have gone beyond experimentation and now we want to eat cheese on top of our every snack.


Sweet Corn: The second food that was popularized by America in India is Sweet Corn. People saw corn in different places. They saw it in pizzas, sandwiches, soups etc. We Indians gave massive amounts of love to sweet corn on pizzas, we now love to make sandwiches with sweet corn at home, and ofcourse how can we not talk about Sweet Corn Soup. Sweet Corn Soup Packet has made a separate fanbase in India. 

We love to have restaurant style fine dining experience with sweet corn soup. Most of us stock up our pile of sweet corn soup packets during the winters. Don’t we?


Olive Oil: There is definitely no doubt that olive oil came from our exposure to the US. Remember those food/cooking shows on our favorite infotainment channels like Discovery, History TV 18, and Fox Life? Yes, most of us grew seeing those cooking shows and guess what they would use! Olive Oil!

They would show it so lusciously that our mind would believe that this oil isn’t simple just an oil. It is some flavorful potion that adds both health and taste to the dish. But once when we got it we saw it for ourselves that it’s just another oil that we were so overly hyped about.


Coffee: Coffee is one thing that got very popular in the last 20 years in India. No doubt that it was still known in India before that but recently coffee has been made a classy or a luxury item that anybody would like to show off. They did it so, because we Indians have eternal love for tea and we would never give it up. But we would certainly try coffee once in a while when it is shown in such delicious forms like Frappes, dalgona, lattes with your face on it and what not.


Mayonnaise: From confusing it with cheese to realizing that it is different than cheese somewhere along the way, mayonnaise became a staple in every household in India. Again it is the influence of this American movie and TV show culture that penetrated in India. It has picked a major fanbase amongst kids and teens who just can’t seem to imagine a meal without it.

So there you have it. These were the 5 foods that became popular in India due to the influence of American culture. Do you know any other food that has become popular in India due to our preference of watching American Content or any other country for that matter. Comment below.

Thanks for reading!!

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